So Many Life Insurance Options

What Is Most Sensible For You?

Call for help making well informed life insurance decisions. Together we will look at matching up the right kind of policy to your needs, shop the insurance carriers for a competitive deal for you, and fine tune and prioritize to fit comfortably within your budget. It can be easy to do and convenient, right over the phone and online. is an independent agent representing multiple insurance companies. Different insurers will be more or less competitive in different market segments at any given time. Your advisor will look for what is best for you. There is no need to overpay. Your consultation is at no-cost, no-obligation and is fully confidential. Call today!



Coverage From $1,000 To $10,000,000


up to age 85 to apply


Family and Dependents

Get the right kind of term and permanent life insurance to protect those who rely on you financially

Mortgages and Debts

Get the right kind of term life insurance to pay off debt and protect your assets from creditors


Final Expenses and Estate

Get the right kind of permanent life insurance to cover end of life expenses and leave money behind





Matches up with your needs


Suitable for your insurability


Competitively priced







Compare –>Traditional–>Simplified–>Non-Medical–>Guranteed Issue






– Comprehensive questionnaire and underwriting process

– Usually requires medical exam

– Highest face amounts

– Best opportunity for lowest premiums

– Policy issued weeks, possibly months after application

– Process can be easy when insured is low risk, may complicate when risk factors present

– For low to greater than moderate risk insureds and high face amounts




Simplified Issue


– Comprehensive or streamlined questionnaire and streamlined underwriting process

– Sometimes requires medical exam

– Moderate to high face amounts

– Premiums can be competitive with traditional

– Policy issued from same day to days, possibly weeks after application

– Designed for the purpose of ease and convenience at a slightly higher premium to traditional

– For low to moderately high risk insureds





– Streamlined questionnaire and underwriting process

– No medical exams or reports required

– Low to moderately high face amounts

– Premiums are a little higher to much higher than traditional based on the risk of the insured

– Some policies have limited death benefit for first 2 years

– Policy issued from same day to days after application

– Relatively easy process

– For low to high risk insureds



Guaranteed Issue


– Usually has no medical questions

– Will not be declined for any medical reason

– Low face amounts

– Highest premiums

– Limited death benefit for first 2 years

– Policy issued from same day to days after application

– Very easy process

– For high and highest risk insureds







Every Case Is Different But One Thing Is Constant


There are usually carriers that stand out as bidding more aggresively for your category of age and insurability. Whatever your insurability – whether high or low, so long as you are eligible.


In the non-medical market, you can find wide variations in the way medical conditions are treated. For example, the same medical condition will limit you to an expensive guaranteed issue policy with one leading carrier, while allowing you an inexpensive top-tier non-medical plan with another leading carrier.


Even in the guaranteed issue market you will find that there can be significant variations in pricing.


Your Licensed Life Insurance Advisor is here ready to help with sound solutions and insurance advice, and to help you find the right policy at the right price.



Call To Inquire

Personalized professional advice


The right policy at the right price


 Easy preliminary assessment







Consider the purpose of the insurance and specifics of what is needed


Consider your health and insurability to identify the right market segment


Shop the right market segment for your most competitive options


Fine-tune and Insure needs according to priority while staying affordable

Which is best – Traditional (with medical) or Simplfied and Non-Medical?


Traditional and simplified life insurance both have their comparative pros and cons – and those pros and cons will differ depending on who is to be insured and for what needs.


Many people, especially those with good medical history and healthy lifestyle, will find that getting traditional insurance is a reasonably simple process that will provide the best rate.


Some people with good medical hisotry and healthy lifestyle will prefer to pay a little bit more for the comparatively easy application and approval process of a simplified policy.


People with ‘moderate’ medical or other insurability issues would want to consider both traditional and simplifed on a case by case basis based on their particulars.


People with more severe medical or other insurability issues may qualify for simplified or non-medical, but not traditional.


The right policy for you will always depend upon your personal needs and insurability, and be affordable.


Your Licensed Life Insurance Advisor has the knowledge and experience to guide you toward the right type of coverage for your situation. You will get more than a life insurance quote – you will get personalized professional advice and service right over the phone for large or small needs.



Non-medical and guaranteed-issue coverage for the hard to insure


Do you have serious medical issues or have been declined life insurance in the past? No problem. represents several insurance companies that offer plans just for you, with no medical exam required.


Not all non-medical plans are the same though. Your advisor will look for the most competitive offering for you personally.


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Permanent Life Insurance

An important part of your legacy planning

If part of your plan includes leaving money behind, then include permanent life insurance in your mix.


Mortality Diversification


Your estate grows through compounding. An untimely passing means the estate will not have grown as planned. In contrast, a permanent life insurance policy provides a fixed amount you can rely on.


Tax Free Benefit


Unlike most other assets, which will have taxes payable upon disposition on the final tax return, the death benefit of a life insurance policy is income tax free.


Creditor Protection


Keep your estate assets protected from creditors by naming a spouse, child, grandchild or parent as beneficiary, or make your beneficiary irrevocable.